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17 January 2022

Plough Monday

Matthew Homes are proud sponsors of Plough Monday, otherwise known as the twelfth night, which is particularly celebrated in rural villages, including Balsham on the outskirts of Cambridge, home to our development of Pear Tree Gardens!

Historically, this day marked the beginning of the winter ploughing season, where the villagers prayed for a bountiful harvest and collected money, over the years it has evolved into a fundraising highlight of the village, where the Plough Monday Club raise money for good causes on this evening, and bi-annually at the Village Feast.

If you visited Balsham on Plough Monday, you’d see roughly 20 men and boys pulling the plough, with others calling at houses to collect money, with Morris dancers entertaining the crowds. At Balsham, Christmas isn’t truly over until Plough Monday was celebrated.

This year, the new residents at Pear Tree Gardens were welcomed to the village on Plough Monday, by the local Morris dancers – a wonderful welcome to the village of Balsham, what a community!

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